Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren for the 2021 campaign, and after a difficult start, he admitted that the issues with the new team remind him of past problems he already had.

The Aussie driver did not find it easy to switch from Renault to McLaren. The adaption with the car has not been easy so far, and it has not been easy to match the great results achieved by his teammate, Lando Norris.

Daniel also admitted that his relationship with races and motorsport has not always been good. Like in all things it had its ups and downs.

“As far as racing, I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate with it, and that’s the truth,” said Ricciardo. “Some days I love it more than anything, and some days I’m just like, you don’t have an answer.

“I had this love-hate from probably my first year in karting. I went out for the start of a race, a local race, and the engine didn’t start. We couldn’t get started, and I missed… I think I was maybe on the front row and it was like a big race at the time for me. We couldn’t figure it out.

“Anyways, two days later go back on that track, push the kart and it starts. So I learned pretty early on that race cars can be very unkind.

Finally, Ricciardo said something did not work in Monaco, but he is eager to perform well in Baku.

“I feel this weekend, it could just be down to that. Maybe this weekend wasn’t working, and maybe we just put it on the track in Baku, and we’re there again.”

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