Saturday saw the first qualifying session of the second race of the Extreme E season. X44 showed up and they got the fastest time in the first run of the qualifying.

First to go was Jamie Chadwick for Veloce Racing. She set a time of 5:15 minutes in the sands of Senegal to set the first time. At the change, Sarazin got in the car and set a time of 11:37.599 minutes for Veloce.

Carlos Sainz’s team was second in line. Laia Sanz was 25 seconds ahead in the meantime, but unfortunately, she was unable to restart her car after a jump and had to retire.

Andretti was running third. Hansen also had a problem on his lap and handed over with a gap of 3 minutes to Catie Munnings, who could still make up some seconds. It looked like Hansen’s car had gone out mid-lap as well.

The winners from the first race in Saudi Arabia were up next. Rosberg X Racing was first with Johan Kristoffersson. He used Hyperdrive directly on the straight at the Atlantic. And he was ahead with it. Kristoffersson drove out to a lead of 8 tenths. Molly Taylor was at the wheel after that. In the switch zone, however, Rosberg had done well and built up a lead of 4 seconds. Rosberg’s team again showed that they wanted to fight for the win again. They set a time of 11:02.311 minutes, giving them a 35-second lead.

The Cupra ABT team did not have the best race weekend in Saudi Arabia. They wanted to make up for that today. Mattias Ekström was on the track. He set a lap time of 4:45 minutes and handed it over to reserve driver Jutta Kleinschmidt. She replaces Claudia Hürtgen, who is ill. Kleinschmidt drove a lap time of 10:58.122 to the finish line for ABT Cupra.

Then Sebastian Loeb took to the track for Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 world champion team. Loeb was most willing to take risks before the switch zone. The rally world champion braked as late as he could and gave Gutierrez a two-second lead. The Spaniard brought a strong lap to the finish. The end result was a time of 10:47.289 minutes. X44 was thus in the lead.

Following X44 was Chip Ganassi Racing with Sara Price on track. She lost a total of twelve seconds to X44. Kyle Leduc then drove his first qualifying lap. In the transition zone, Chip Ganassi Racing lost another five seconds. Leduc gave absolutely everything in the tight, technical sector. In total, he had made up 14 seconds on his lap. He conjured up a time of 10:51.519 minutes. Leduc had an insane performance that put the American team in P2.

Next to last came JBXE Racing. Kevin Hansen drove instead of Jenson Button. He set a time of just under five minutes, 13 seconds behind Sebastian Loeb’s best time. Hansen passed on some information to his teammate Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky. The latter then drove to position 5 with a time of 11:03.405 minutes.

Site Energy Racing was the last team to take to the track. Oliver Bennet was first at the wheel. After the driver change, the team was about 50 seconds behind. Christine Giampaoli Zonca crossed the finish line one minute behind. To make it to the semifinals, Xite Energy Racing still has to improve. X44 was the fastest team and is, therefore, the favorite for pole position.

Ocean X-Prix Q1 results:

RankTeam/DriversTotal timeGap
1X44 10:47.289Interval
2Segi TV Chip Ganassi Racing10:51.528+4.239
3Rosberg X Racing 11:02.310+15.021
4ABT CUPRA XE 11:13.122+25.833
5JBXE 11:13.405+26.116
6Veloce 11:37.599+50.310
7XITE 11:52.806+1:05.517
8Andretti United Extreme E14:39.665+3:52.376
9 (Did not finish)ACCIONA/Sainz XE 12:31.845 (time until DNF)+1 LAP

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