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Stroll confirms Aston Martin will continue upgrading 2021 car

Sebastian Vettel. Credits: Aston Martin F1 (Twitter: @AstonMartinF1).

The beginning of the 2021 season was very rude to Aston Martin. After five races, the British team just achieved to score 19 points. However, the team owner Lawrence Stroll says that he wants his team to fight and bring upgrades “right to the end” of the season.

The end of the 2020 season was the cherry on the cake of a well-managed year for Racing Point that allowed them to fight for P3 in the Constructors’ Championship against Renault and McLaren until the very last race. 

Nonetheless, after the introduction of the 2021 aero regulations that were probably made to tighten the performances between the competitors, and therefore slow Mercedes a bit down, Aston Martin also saw themselves caught off guard after being greatly inspired by the Mercedes W10 to develop their 2020 challenger.

Aston Martin’s team principal Otmar Szafnauer did everything he could to try to make the regulations evolve according to their needs. Nonetheless, after 5 races, the observation is clear: nothing has changed in the rulebooks and the Silverstone-based team seems to have finally made up its mind.

However, even after being brutally flunked in their momentum, Stroll does not want to give up on the 2021 season, especially after a very promising Monaco Grand Prix, in which Aston Martin showed an unforeseen potential, scoring 14 points in just one weekend.

The Canadian businessman wants to fight until the last Grand Prix of the year and pursue “clawing back” performances, even if the team also has development plans and a tight schedule to prepare for the 2022 season and the new era of Formula 1.

“We had a difficult start to the season, we were dealt a bad hand with the rule changes, cutting the floor, which really hurt the low-rake cars. Us and Mercedes both lost close to a second a lap versus our competitors,” Stroll told

“I don’t think we can get back to last year’s performance, because then we’d have to give up focus obviously on the ‘22 car. It’s a fine balance.”

“So we’re trying to claw our way back and never give up, and we keep bringing bits to the car to try and get back to where we should be.”

“We’ve got a few more things to come. I don’t know exactly how much, to be honest with you.”

“But it’s disappointing when you put in all the hard work and cars are frozen from a homologation point of view, and then you get to the first race and realize they weren’t really frozen from a homologation point of view.”

“And again, due to what everybody’s quite aware of, the cut in the floor, that really hurt the low-rake cars. So obviously that’s extremely frustrating. But we’ll fight right to the end.”

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