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Wolff enthusiastic about Mercedes – Red Bull battle: “It’s just what doctor ordered”

Toto Wolff at the 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix. Credits: Daimler.

As Mercedes and Red Bull are currently in a fierce championship battle, separated by just one point after 5 rounds, Toto Wolff admits loving the adversity and appreciating the respectful battle he is fighting against his counterpart at Red Bull.

The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix will probably remain a painful memory in the minds of Mercedes’ team members. In just one weekend, the German team lost the lead in both Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships, and they will now have to hustle their way back up after Red Bull tore down the efforts done by the defending champion during the first four rounds.

Nonetheless, it would be wrong to know Mercedes to think that they will let their Austrian rival fly away after their big disappointment in the principality. Lewis Hamilton already mentioned the team’s great mentality and their ability to accept and absorb criticism to come back stronger after a difficult race.

Wolff also followed this line of thought and admitted liking the championship battle he is in after seven seasons of dominance.

“Yes, we love the battle,” Wolff said.

“It’s just what the doctor ordered after the past seven years,” he added.

As both teams are currently in a tense relationship due to the ‘flexi-wing affair’, Wolff emphasized that the political battle is always respectful between him and his counterpart at Red Bull, Christian Horner, even though it is part of the job to fight on and off the track.

“I think the job that Christian has done is very good and he was the youngest Team Principal to have won a world championship; he’s done four in a row,” Wolff said.

“The team [Red Bull] has always been our strongest competitor, and for that reason, we are fighting gloves off on the track for any millimeter of political advantage. But I have respect for the person.”

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