Eight weeks ago, Extreme E celebrated its debut race in the Al-‘Ula desert in Saudi Arabia. Next weekend, the electric series will contest the Ocean X Prix at Lac Rose in Senegal, which should have been the first Extreme E race venue.

This means that Extreme E will go into the next round with the Ocean X Prix. Here is a short preview of this weekend’s race:


Since the start of the season, there have also been a few news in Extreme E. Thus, just a few days before the Ocean X Prix, the driver carousel was already turning: just last Friday, JBXE – the team of Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button – announced that they would swap drivers before the race in Senegal. At least at the Ocean X Prix, Button would only focus on his role as team principal, while rallycross driver Kevin Hansen took over the Brit’s steering wheel.

For the Ocean X Prix, the series has also slightly changed its race format once again. Thus, there will be four teams in the finals instead of three as in Al-‘Ula. Two teams from each semifinal will advance to the final. In addition, the series wants to reward the team that sets the fastest time in a certain sector on the track, the so-called “super sector,” over the entire weekend. The team receives five championship points for the fastest time.


Lac Rose is located 35 kilometers north of Dakar on the Cap-Vert Peninsula, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. A sand dune just fits between Lac Rose and the Atlantic Ocean.

As the name suggests, the lake is best known for its pink color, which is especially visible between November and June. The lake owes its red coloration to a type of algae that occurs especially in salty waters. These algae produce a red pigment by harnessing the sun’s energy. Lac Rose is public property, so theoretically anyone can mine salt there. As a result, it is a major economic factor for the region, but this has also led to the lake shrinking considerably in recent decades.

The city of Dakar will be familiar to some motorsport fans. That’s because the famous Paris-Dakar rally ended at Lac Rose, where the Extreme E is holding its race this weekend, until 2007.


So far (as of Wednesday), Extreme E has not announced what the track at Lac Rose will look like. What is certain is that the course in Senegal will be more technical and therefore slower than in Saudi Arabia. The surface is similar, because just like in Saudi Arabia, the race will take place in the sand, but this time on the beach, directly by the sea and in the dunes.

Weather Forecast:

In Dakar, Extreme E expects twelve hours of sunshine on both days. Temperatures are expected to be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius during the day. The probability of rain is ten percent.


SessionDayStarting time
1st qualifying raceSaturday, May 29th11.30 a.m. CET
2nd qualifying RaceSaturday, May 29th4 p.m. CET
1st semifinalSunday, May 30th12 p.m. CET
2nd semifinalSunday, May 30th1 p.m. CET
FinalSunday, May 30th5.15 p.m. CET

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