Lewis Hamilton believes that the Monaco track cannot provide entertaining racing at all, even for the leader.

As Formula 1 moves forward, the cars change too and they become bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, it is impossible to move the barriers on the streets of Monaco, so the overtaking opportunity is limited. Lewis Hamilton’s race was affected by strategy miscalculation and, as a result, he was stuck behind the other cars for the remainder of the race with no chances of making an overtake. The Mercedes driver admitted that he was not entertained with that type of racing and he would not watch that race again.

“I probably won’t re-watch this race. I’ll probably watch a highlight just to kind of [get] a bit of an understanding of where I lost three places, for example, or potentially three places, two at least,” he said.

Hamilton also shared his thought that the race was not interesting from any perspective, either leader’s or backmarker’s, due to lack of action. Furthermore, the Briton supposed that the victory would not bring much satisfaction.

“I’m glad the race is over because it was the longest race. It was so long,” he commented.

“I’ve been saying it time and time again, it doesn’t matter what position you’re in, this track is just not fun to race on. Because you don’t see any overtaking, you can’t follow.”

“It’s great, of course, when you win the race. But even when you’re leading the race and you’re far ahead, it’s also boring. I’m sure for Max it was a pretty chilled afternoon for him.”

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