Binotto thinks Ferrari’s speed in Monaco does not ensure competitiveness at other slow tracks

Carlos Sainz. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari (Twitter: @ScuderiaFerrari).

After Ferrari showed an amazing form at Monaco thanks to the good behavior of their single-seater in slow corners, Mattia Binotto pointed out that repeating the exploit would be a tricky task and that people should not expect it from the Italian team.

The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix was a relief for Ferrari. After one full season of struggle, the Italian team finally could fight for the pole position and the race win against the two major forces of the Formula 1 grid Mercedes and Red Bull.

Nonetheless, even after a superb weekend, in which the Maranello-based team clinched the pole position on Sunday before putting one of their drivers on the podium, Binotto emphasized that it is “not given” that Ferrari will achieve similar results on other slow tracks like in Singapore or in Hungary.

The Italian team will focus on getting stronger overall rather than keeping their dominant position in terms of slow corner speed. Therefore, if other competitors like Red Bull, Mercedes, or McLaren can have major improvements in this specific domain, Ferrari might found itself a little behind once the time will come for a new mostly slow track.

“Instead of thinking which circuit again will be competitive, I think we’re already focused on Baku, which is the next one and then we will be focused on the following because there is still some room of exploiting better the car,” Binotto said.

“I think yes, there will be circuits with low-speed corners where we may be again competitive but it’s not a given.”

“I think that we showed we are well preparing the race weekend, we can at least exploit the best potential of the car itself. There will be some developments coming, not much, but they are still coming and it’s important that they are working properly.”

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