Lance Stroll was concerned about not finishing the race after attacking the Monaco curbs too hard.

The Canadian Stroll went on score some important points in Monaco last Sunday by finishing 8th. However, he jumped off the curbs at the Swimming Pool quite heavily several times, which could have led to ending the race in the garage. Luckily for the Aston Martin Racing driver, he kept on going.

After the race Stroll admitted his concerns over the incidents.

“It rattled my brain a little bit!” Stroll told

“I was a bit surprised. I thought my day was kind of done actually, after the second one,” he added.

“The first one I kind of managed to save it, but second one, I had a big thump on the inside. And normally when you got a big thump on the inside, we all know how it ends, so I was pretty happy. I used up my jokers there.”

Another critical moment was the investigation on Stroll for possible crossing of the line at the pit lane exit. Though he had not been penalized, the Canadian was ready to make amends.

“I knew it was on the edge, but I thought I was racing Ocon, I heard ‘racing Ocon,’ so I pushed quite hard, but in the end we had like six seconds gap to him when we exited the pitlane,” Stroll said.

“Actually, they didn’t tell me on the radio, but I saw it on the Jumbotron when I was driving. I saw ‘under investigation’.”

“I put in some good laps for that, I didn’t know, but I had like 30 seconds at the end to the cars behind, so a 10-second penalty would still be OK.”

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