Formula 1’s Managing Director Ross Brawn has said Lewis Hamilton took the Monaco GP weekend badly because he isn’t used to difficult weekends.

Brawn is no stranger to disappointment in Formula 1, having been a part of various teams from 1978 to 2013. This is something Hamilton hasn’t experienced, with a closer title fight meaning more opportunities for his team to flop. Indeed, only eight times since Hamilton joined Mercedes has he finished outside the top five in a race.

Monaco 2021 was the teams smallest points haul since Sakhir last year and Hamilton’s lowest finish since Italy, when he was awarded a penalty. The last time Hamilton was out of the top five on pace was Monaco 2017, when he started 14th and came up to seventh. Brawn believes he took the weekend badly because he is not used to difficult weekends, as most others on the grid frequently have troublesome rounds.

“Lewis was clearly agitated with the way his weekend was going in Monaco and that frustration boiled over in the race, when he was unhappy with how his strategy was playing out,” Brawn said in his weekly F1 column.

“He’s a fierce competitor, so it should be expected that he will get frustrated when things don’t go his way. He has rarely had to experience this, so he’s a bit out of practice in handling these things.”

“Yes, he was pretty robust but when he reflects on this weekend, I’m sure he will look at it differently. Mercedes and Lewis have been together for a long time – and know each other well – so they will get over it. It won’t be an issue.”

Hamilton will be going to Baku in hopes he can replicate his 2018 win at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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