After another disappointing race, Yuki Tsunoda revealed that although his strategy felt like a good option during the race, it was also the main cause behind his P16 finish.

The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix was the first-time for Tsunoda as the Japanese driver had never raced in the principality throughout his career. 

The race weekend did not start the right way for the 21-year-old, hitting a barrier in FP2 and being criticized by Red Bull’s special advisor Helmut Marko for taking too many risks and therefore compromising his learning of the track.

This lack of experience probably caused Tsunoda to be eliminated in Q1 during the qualifying session, while his teammate Pierre Gasly qualified in P6. AlphaTauri opted for a risky strategy during the race by letting the Japanese drive on hard tires for 64 laps in the hope of seeing a safety car and win a precious amount of time in the pits.

Tsunoda admitted thinking he was on the right path during the race with his strategy. However, the Safety Car never showed up, causing him to be stuck behind the two Williams and never make his option work out.

“When we decided the strategy for the race prime or soft while I say overall it didn’t work well, I fully agree with what we decided because we needed something really different compared to the other cars to have good points. We needed to gamble a little bit.”

“But this gamble didn’t go well. I was sitting behind a car the whole way.”

“It’s quite 50:50. Definitely, there is some [work to do] on my side as well. The main issue was I lost quite a lot of laps in FP2 so I lost a little bit of confidence there compared to other cars, and in qualifying especially you need the confidence. So that was my fault, it was an issue from my side.”

“The pace was quite OK, but overall the main issue this week was qualifying performance, so I think hopefully this qualifying performance issue is going to be solved in the future to have a better result.”

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