Mercedes was quite sure that pitting Lewis Hamilton earlier to undercut Pierre Gasly could play out well in Monaco. But in the end, it did not pay off.

After a disappointing qualifying, Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff, admitted that the team would not be afraid of taking a risk with Hamilton’s strategy to recover as many positions as possible.

Hamilton was in P6 in the first part of the race after Charles Leclerc was forced to retire even before the start of the race. Then, on lap 29, Mercedes called him into the pits to change tires.

Mercedes thought that by doing that, Hamilton could overtake Gasly, who was in front of him. However, Gasly pitted one lap later, and thanks to a very fast in-lap, the Frenchman managed to stay ahead.

Toto Wolff explained why Mercedes opted for the undercut strategy.

“I think the undercut was the only chance that we had,” Wolff said.

“We saw the tire that came off, and there was nothing left, similar to Valtteri [Bottas]’s car.

“There was some communication between him and the strategists, are we undercutting, and we felt the undercut had a much bigger potential to kind of jump Gasly. And it wasn’t enough.”

Hamilton was not happy about the team’s choice since he lost two places to Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel. Plus, he did not understand why the team had stopped him so early after he saved the tires during the early stages of the race.

When he exited the pits, Lewis was stuck behind Gasly, and his race was ruined. Toward the end of the Grand Prix, Hamilton stopped to fit the soft tires and set the fastest lap to gain the additional point.

James Allison admitted that he understands why Lewis was not happy about the race, but he added that the team thought he would be stuck behind Gasly for too long.

“It is always a finely balanced call, and today we picked the wrong one of those two options,” Allison said.

“Lewis still had some rubber left on the tire for what would have been a few decent laps. But the chances are that Gasly wouldn’t have stopped anytime soon, and we feared that Gasly was going to simply just stay out there as a roadblock forever.

“We didn’t have good options either way. We had to make the undercut stick to then stop the world from falling on our heads as it did today.

“Sadly by choosing the undercut and not making it work, the world did fall on our heads with the subsequent loss of places to Vettel and Perez.”

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