Lando Norris took his next podium this weekend at the GP in Monaco. But he had to tremble for his podium place at the end of the race since Sergio Perez in the Red Bull came closer and closer.

Because the Red Bull driver had younger and better tires, he drove a lot faster per lap than the Briton. Norris noticed this as well and asked his engineer to stop talking to him.

The McLaren driver started in P4 and benefited from Bottas’ retirement. This put him in P3 and he didn’t give that up until the end.

But as Perez got closer and was often less than a second behind him, he became more and more focused and didn’t want to talk to anyone. He said after the race:

“There’s a new rule for this weekend [that] if you missed the chicane you get a warning. I think by about Lap 7 I had used both my opportunities to go off the track which… made my engineer Will extremely nervous.”

“So not an ideal start to the race, especially because I knew there were many more laps to go and the final stint when you can be pushing more if I made one more mistake and went off I would have a five-second penalty and Perez would be ahead of me.”

“So, I guess I was pushing a bit and doing a lot of fuel-saving at certain times and just slightly misjudged it, missed the apex and I got my warning.”

As to why he didn’t want to talk to his engineer, Norris answered like this:

“In the end, I was telling Will to be quiet, because sometimes you just want to focus on what you need to be doing, just driving around the streets of Monaco and you just want to be in your zone, in that way of just driving around, missing the barriers, just feeling confident and not having to think of any other things.”

“So, when he’s telling me there’s a guy 20 seconds ahead, it’s not something I cared too much about and I just wanted to concentrate on driving. Simple as that.”

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