The FIA has confirmed that there was no foul play in the accident of Charles Leclerc in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix.

In qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, Leclerc grazed the inside wall at the Swimming pool, then firing into the outside barrier, red flagging the session and being out of qualifying. It wouldn’t matter, as he didn’t start the race, but race director Michael Masi has confirmed the FIA looked at the incident, and found no foul play.

“The incident was looked at immediately in race control and it was quite clear to us that it was an error on at the first part, at turn 15,” Masi said.

“Having looked at it, looked at the data and also listening to the team communication, I don’t think any driver would go out there to severely damage their car to that degree in any circumstance because of the consequences that may arise out of that.”

Had the accident been deliberate, he would have lost pole position, but his home race woes continued anyway, retiring on the out lap with a driveshaft issue, continuing his run of bad luck at home. Formula 1 returns at Baku in two weeks time.

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