After doubting whether the driveshaft issue was caused by the qualifying crash, Ferrari confirmed that it broke during the hard-hit with the wall.

After the Monaco Grand Prix, Ferrari checked once again what was the issue that prevented Charles Leclerc to start his home race.

Before the race, the Scuderia was sure that Charles could take part in the race without the need of changing the gearbox as everything looked fine to them. However, even though the gearbox was ok, the left driveshaft was not, and it broke right before the start of the GP. That meant that Leclerc could not take part in the Monaco race.

Ferrari admitted that the left driveshaft was not checked after the crash, and after saying that the shunt with the barriers did not cause the problem, the Italian team has made a step back, admitting that hitting the wall that hard brought the driveshaft to brake.

The team checked many components after the incident, but not the left driveshaft since it was on the opposite side of the hit.

Ferrari also stated that everything was working up until Turn 6 when Leclerc left the pit on Sunday. However, something broke suddenly, and the Monegasque was forced to bring the car back into the box.

The Scuderia ensured that the checking process after an incident will be improved to avoid having a similar problem in the future if something similar will happen.

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