Daniel Ricciardo struggled during the Monaco GP qualifying, and only managed to set the twelfth fastest lap. Andreas Seidl then said that the team will help him “recalibrate” after the poor performance.

The transition from Renault to McLaren has not been easy for the Aussie so far. However, he admitted making a “mini breakthrough” two weeks ago in Spain, where he finished the race in P6 ahead of his teammate.

However, in Monaco, Daniel seemed to have made a step backward in terms of confidence, and pace with the car. During qualifying, he did not manage to get into Q3, and he will start Sunday’s race in P12.

After the session, Daniel said that he could not understand the gap between him and his teammate.

McLaren’s team boss, Andreas Seidl, confirmed that the squad found something that Daniel could improve by looking at the telemetry.

“I think this track simply emphasizes, even more, the struggles he’s still having with our car, and looking at the data we have a clear idea of what the issue is,” Seidl explained.

“Our car simply needs a certain way of how to drive it to extract maximum performance. Lando is used to it and manages it. But it just doesn’t feel natural for Daniel with everything he has is driven in the past.

“It’s simply important to stay calm, even after a disappointing result like today, keep working together as one team, keep analyzing the data, keep learning from them.

“And then have let’s say two actions in place, which is trying together with Daniel to recalibrate him to a certain degree to adjust his driving style for our car.

“But of course we look also on the team side to see if we can adjust the car to make it more natural for him to drive fast so that he has to think less, without obviously compromising the overall performance.”

Then, it was asked Seidl to comment about the words that Ricciardo said right after qualifying. The Aussie was not happy with the performance, of course, but Seidl said that Daniel’s words “should be put into context”.

“One reason why I love the sport and why you guys love the sport is because it’s a human sport, and we like the emotions from team members or drivers after good or bad sessions,” Seidl added.

“And that’s why I think you also have to put in context the quotes from Daniel after qualifying.

“As I said before we have when we look into the data have a clear idea of why Daniel couldn’t produce the lap time in Q2 to progress to Q3.”

Finally, Ricciardo said he saw the telemetry and spotted where Lando Norris was faster and he also admitted that it will be difficult to improve in the areas where he lost time.

“There are some differences, some of its visible and I see it, and I’m like: ‘Okay, that would help to do that in that corner’,” Ricciardo said on Saturday night.

“I think the difficulty is executing that and kind of perfecting that, so that’s something I’ve just got to keep working on.

“I think, for now, this track probably emphasizes that it’s not that natural for me. So that’s personal, I’m still trying to recalibrate in my brain and my style.”

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