Max Verstappen won the Monaco GP, and he admitted that it feels like “a bit of redemption” for him after the previously missed opportunities of winning this special race.

Max was second in the drivers’ standings before Monaco, behind Lews Hamilton. On Saturday, he missed out on pole position due to a red flag brought out by Charles Leclerc’s crash. However, the Monegasque could not start the race due to some technical issues, and Max started the race in P1.

It was a great occasion for him to close the gap to Lewis since the Britton struggled a lot with the pace. In the end, Verstappen won the race while Hamilton only managed to finish seventh, meaning that the new leader of the championship is now the Dutchman, by four points.

After the race, Max admitted that even though he led every lap, it was not an easy win.

“Of course, it always looks under control,” he said. “But to keep your focus for so many laps, that’s the hardest bit because it’s easy to relax a bit when you are in the lead, and it’s easy to make a mistake.

“So you have to keep reminding yourself to stay focussed, keep your thoughts on the road. I think pace-wise it was very controlled because all the time if somebody tried to push me a little bit in terms of lap times, we could answer and make the gap bigger.”

Verstappen was never attacked by anyone during the Grand Prix, only at the start, Valtteri Bottas tried to put pressure on him.

“They started to struggle with tires, and all the time we could increase the gap,” said Verstappen. “So of course, I’m very pleased with that.”

Finally, Max said that he enjoyed winning in Monaco since it is always special, and it was the first time for him.

“It’s nice,” said Verstappen. “I’ve never been on the podium and then the first time in, straightaway a win.

“So it’s a bit of redemption for all the other races here because I never really had a lovely feeling on a Sunday here.”

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