Pierre Gasly commented on Sebastian Vettel’s move for P5 “really hard” but “fair”, adding that the German driver could have “ended up in the harbor”.

Vettel scored his first points of the season in Monaco, playing a great strategy and overtaking both Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton at the exit of the pit lane.

Right after the first corner, Vettel was very close to Gasly. They went up toward Massenet, where Sebastian completed a risky overtake to secure fifth place.

Gasly said it was very close, and there was not much margin between them, but he also admitted that the move was fair.

“Honestly, I went to see him, and I told him there wasn’t one more centimeter he could have squeezed,” Gasly said.

“You know going up the hill it’s not straight. It’s actually like turning a bit, and I was hoping for him to give the space, but until I got there I didn’t know.

“It was pretty close. It was tight, really hard racing, but still fair. We still made it.

“I think if I would have been a bit more aggressive, we would probably both ended up in the harbor, so yeah I’m glad we came out of it.”

Vettel spent some words about the overtake as well, saying that it was “very tight” and it was not easy to avoid crashing into Pierre.

“You don’t see much, and he was in the dead angle, the blind spot where I can’t see him,” Vettel said.

“We go up, and then at some stage, it starts to go left and right, left and right.

“I quickly spoke with him, and he said he didn’t know if I saw him and if I will give him room. I gave him room, but I also had to go in the pickup.

“I had fresh tires, so just enough, I guess, and I was just that quarter of a car to half a car in front, which made the difference.”

Gasly’s result helped AlphaTauri after a difficult start to the season, and the Frenchman said he was happy about the race result.

“It was our best qualifying of the year yesterday with the sixth position, and today is our best race result as well, so I’m pleased,” Gasly said.

“You know, it was quite intense with Lewis [Hamilton] right behind us for 78 laps, so we could not do any mistakes. He boxed and put the pressure on us, we had to cover him, and kind of gave free track for Vettel and [Sergio] Perez which overcut us.

“So we’ll have to review that, but generally I think I’m pretty pleased with the step we made this weekend and be back right at the front.”

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