Fernando Alonso is delighted with how Sunday’s race has gone, but not so happy with the race weekend in general.

Fernando Alonso finished 13th after starting 17th on the streets of Monaco on Sunday. Despite missing out on scoring points, he was glad with his race.

“The truth is that I am happy with the race, we started 17th and finished 13th, everything that could be done was done. I’m happy for today, but it was a disappointing weekend in terms of performance. Let’s see what happens in Baku, if we return to more normal services,” Alonso told DAZN F1.

The Alpine driver was also happy for his countryman Carlos Sainz, who had finished 2nd.

“I am happy for Carlos, in Monaco it is difficult to achieve anything. With the retirements of Bottas and Leclerc, he knew he was going to be second. I have looked at the screens, victory could not be, but it will come,” he commented.

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