Jamie Reigle does not support the idea of Formula 1 and Formula E holding events at one venue on the same weekend.

Monaco has hosted both Formula E and Formula 1 rounds this May. Most importantly, they both have been held at the same track layout. That has risen speculations about whether the two world championships should do shared race weekends at the same venue or not. While Alejandro Agag likes the idea, the current Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle is not that supportive.

“I can’t speak for Alejandro, but what I can say is Formula E is very special. It’s electric, it’s in cities, it has some of the most well-known, strongest manufacturers,” Reigle told RaceFans.

“So we have some points of differentiation that are really strong, that are hard to replicate and whether we’re a motorsport or whether you’re a product company, whether you’re a service company, the most successful businesses tend to have really strong points of differentiation that they don’t waver from,” he added.

Reigle assured that he wanted to put the emphasis on racing in cities in the position of the CEO.

“What I’ve been trying to do for the last 12 months is really focus our messaging around that commitment to cities, a balance of the racing and the reason.”

“It’s a sport, but there is a broader purpose here in terms of what we’re trying to achieve, in terms of showcasing the future of sport and sustainability. We’re a platform for our teams and manufacturers to showcase the best technology and that interplay [with] human endeavour. That’s really important that we can do that.”

“If we do that and stay focussed on those points of differentiation, I think we’ll be successful.”

He also admitted that sharing events with Formula 1 would not be in Formula E’s plan.

“I wouldn’t see it as part of a strategy or a direction we’re necessarily looking to take.”

“My view has always been: If we can develop Formula E in a way that means that it’s really competitive race, it’s a really compelling sporting spectacle, there’s plenty of room for both Formula E and Formula 1.”

“There’s going to be some fans who like both, there’s going to be some fans who lean into one or the other. And that’s okay.”

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