Lando Norris has managed to achieve McLaren’s best qualifying position at the Monaco Grand Prix since 2012, and claimed was “super happy” with his lap.

He will take it to the grid behind his former teammate Carlos Sainz, as he expects to achieve a greater results from the one he achieved in 2019 when he qualified 12th.

“It’s so hard to describe. There’s just so much adrenaline. I don’t know what I feel, it’s just, you go around there so many times, you blink, and you’re through the corner, and the next corner you blink… it just happens so quickly.

“You don’t have time to take any of it in, especially this last lap; I put everything into this last lap, had nothing to lose, I was in a good position already. I took a few more risks, and it fels like a pole lap… I fell like I really delivered. Two tenths off [pole position] makes me feel bad in a way but I’m super happy with it. It’s hard to describe but I feel good.”

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