Esteban Ocon continues a positive streak in qualifying, beating Fernando Alonso through the streets of Monaco and giving hopes to Alpine.

Alpine struggled during free practice, but Ocon managed to put his car in P11, missing out on Q3 by a thin margin. The Frenchman believes this was a positive result for the team.

“The positive thing today is that we have maximized the potential of the car. We have taken a big step from free practice to qualifying. In free practice I was last and in qualifying I was in eleventh position, almost in Q3. Everything has been there. very tight,” said Ocon.

“We were out of balance in some places at times. Without going into details, we have found problems that we have in some tracks, but that can go unnoticed by other virtues. This weekend has been one in which we have not been able to cover them.”

Ahead of the race, Ocon is quite optimistic even though Alpine struggled to find the pace throughout the weekend.

“It is good to be in the first position to choose a tire. It will be difficult to overtake, but we can be opportunistic and get some points.”

Ocon also spoke about his teammate’s performance, which was not very competitive in qualifying. Alonso qualified in P17.

“In practice he was ahead. I don’t know what happened to him, but we were very close. That helps me push myself to improve myself. Fernando teaches me and pushes me a lot.”

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