Charles Leclerc surprisingly took pole position in Monaco, at his home GP. A late crash could cost him pole-position and set him back five places.

The Ferrari driver proved all weekend that the Italian team has the pace for pole. This has now become a reality (or not quite yet), as his Ferrari bolide crashed into the barrier near the swimming pool in the final seconds of the session.

This could mean that Leclerc loses his pole position if his Ferrari is too damaged and there is an engine or gearbox change.

After his crash, there was a red flag that prohibited all other drivers from doing another lap. This also meant Verstappen had to bury his dreams of a pole in Monaco.

Leclerc spoke about the accident and qualifying: “It’s a shame to finish in the wall, it doesn’t feel the same.”

“But at the same time, I’m incredibly happy about my first timed lap. The first corner was quite tricky, I didn’t do a great first corner, but then second and third sector, I nailed it, and just very, very happy to be on pole.”

The force of the impact causes Leclerc a lot of concern and he can also imagine that he will get a penalty for it.

The Monegasque answers whether he is worried about his gearbox: “I am, but let’s see.”

Leclerc also said that it was hard for him to keep his concentration after being the leader after Q2 and it looked very much like a pole position.

“It was very, very tricky to manage myself mentally.”

“I could feel I was quite emotional in the car, but I told myself, it’s Q3, now it’s time to put everything together. I managed to do so, so I’m incredibly happy. But it’s tomorrow that we score points.”

“But I have to say that it’s a big surprise to be on pole and in fourth place for the race tomorrow.”

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