Christian Horner supposes that Max Verstappen’s recent performance puts some pressure on the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton.

The 2021 Formula 1 title competition is likely to go down to two drivers – Hamilton and Verstappen. We have seen on-track battles between them in every single race so far in the season, which surely only heats the things up.

There is also a battle outside the track as Hamilton has said that Verstappen’s aggressiveness shows that “he has a point to prove”, while the Dutchman has denied such claims. Red Bull Racing’s team principal Horner thinks that such comments prove that his driver puts pressure on the 7-time world champion.

“Lewis loves all that, all that rubbish [controversial comments]. So just let him get on with it,” Horner told Sky.

“I think Max does his own thing, and he is his own man. You can see, the fact that Lewis feels he needs to do that means that actually Max is probably getting under his skin a little,” he added.

Horner also believes that the tensions will only rise as it is how it should be in the sport.

“I think that it is great, it is part of the sport. We’re only at the beginning of the championship. You know, we’re not even anywhere near halfway yet. So can you imagine what it’d be like by the time, if they’re that close, going into the last few races.”

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