After a Q1 exit, qualifying in P17 for the Monaco Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso admitted to being disappointed and surprised by Alpine’s poor pace in the principality.

Earlier this week, both Ocon and Alonso were very optimistic about Alpine’s potential at Monaco. The French driver went as far as to say that Alpine wanted to fight with Ferrari during the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying. However, a few days after these statements, we are forced to note that the reality is quite different.

The French team already looked uncomfortable throughout the three practice sessions, never achieving to put a single-seater in the top 10. As expected, the qualifying session was also a great disappointment for them.

In the image of Ferrari, Alpine seemed to be one of the fastest-growing teams since the beginning of the season and was starting to be considered a real threat for a P3 finish in the constructors’ championship.

 The Portuguese and the Spanish Grand Prix especially pointed out Alpine’s great improvements and the team was ecstatic at the approach of the Monaco Grand Prix, where the qualifying session is so important.

Nonetheless, none of the two Alpine drivers made it into Q3, with Ocon qualifying in P11 and Alonso flunked in Q1. At the term of the session, the Spaniard admitted to being quite disappointed and still having “question marks” about the team’s form. 

“We were expecting more from Monaco on our package, but we didn’t deliver.”

“I was able to push the car and extract the maximum. It’s always a bit messy in Q1 with traffic and things like that, that was not ideal,” Alonso said.

“But I don’t think that was the cause of being out of Q2, we didn’t have the pace. I think the whole weekend we’ve been struggling a little bit with the pace.”

“There are still some question marks I think for the team to find out.”

“I think in Portugal and Barcelona we were definitely progressing and being quite competitive while here we were quite down on the times, so it’s still a little bit under investigation.”

“The race is going to be difficult starting at the back, no doubt. But let’s see what we can do.”

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