Alfa Romeo Racing’s team principal Frederic Vasseur opposes against new tests for rear wings as they will affect the team financially.

One of the hottest topics in the Formula 1 paddock recently has surely been the introduction of the new testing of the rear wing flexibility in order to avoid any controversy and unfair advantage by the teams, which starts from the French Grand Prix. A lot of teams have already spoken out and Alfa Romeo Racing is one of them. Its boss Vasseur is not happy with the new rules, because the team now has to adjust the rear wing to pass the inspection and it will be quite expensive.

“We will have time to do it [change the wing], but it will cost us a fortune,” he said. “We are all fighting to try to save money, to speak, to reduce having one person at a track, and then we have these kinds of things that… it’s just a joke. A joke for me.”

Vasseur admits that the lap time difference will not be significant, but at the same time is also concerned with the fact that other aspects of the car might need to be changed by the officials’ request.

“Honestly, it will be marginal [lap time difference]. We did the back-to-back a couple of times, and the difference was not huge. But it’s not about this, my concern. It is that why next week we won’t change the weight of the car also? Because one team is not able to reach the limit…”

Furthermore, the Frenchman is also dissatisfied with the fact that Alfa Romeo still needs to change the rear wing concept, though it has met the initial technical regulations.

“We had the regulation with the maximum deformation and the load, and I think we [at Alfa Romeo] are not more clever than the others. Everybody was sticking to the limit, and the FIA decided to change the limit. It’s a bit surprising, but they changed the load and the deformation, and in the course of the season,” he commented.

“It’s not the introduction of a new test [that is the issue] or a new way to do the test, it’s that they changed a value. And this for me is the first time that we see something like this.”

“Because, if you are at the limit, if you did a good job, you have to produce new wings. That in terms of cost saving, it’s a huge, huge, huge effort.”

“The business of the engineers in F1 and the designers is to design parts at the limit of the regulation. If you change the regulation in the course of the season, you will have to design new parts and the teams who are saying that they won’t be affected, it’s a joke,” Vasseur concluded.

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