NASCAR will race at the Circuit of The Americas this weekend. The Truck Series kicked things off with practice, and in this article, you can find everything the top fastest driver from each OEM had to say.

The session was filled with cautions from different incidents, which left the drivers without a lot of practice time, with no one really getting into a consistent rhythm. However, the fastest driver, Zane Smith, was still comfortable out on the track and was happy about the performance of his truck.

“In a situation like this you’re never going to have enough practice,” he said. “I mean, I was even cool rolling around there in the caution lap just to see the place and get familiar with it more and more.

“I feel like we had a pretty smooth practice, we had the adjustments that we wanted to try; some worked, some didn’t, but luckily we had a pretty clean track for most of the session. We unloaded with a fast truck and it really says a lot about the whole 21 team and GMS racing in general.”

Smith also gave his insight on driving a truck at COTA, saying it’s different to “everything you’re going to drive here.”

“The trucks drive so much different than everything you’re going to drive here. They’re just heavy and they don’t do what you want,” he explained.

The next to talk about his practice session was Todd Gilliland. He stated it was hard to get the truck going at the beginning with so many cautions, but is happy with the progress he made nonetheless.

“The biggest thing for me is the beginning, it was hard to get in a rhythm and figure it out. But at least you got three laps to get good visuals.

“I’m just having a lot of fun practicing again. We made a lot of good changes and made our truck better, I was definitely able to gain more on the race track.”

Following Todd was Ben Rhodes, who also said was frustrated for the amount of cautions during the session, and speculated on what the issue might be.

“I was definitely frustrated when the cautions kept happening. I was like, ‘oh, this is embarrasing.’. That wasn’t good, not the best look, but I’m glad everybody got it underway.

“I don’t know what people’s issues were, but if I had to speculate, i’d say it was the curbs. Whatever people let loose, or whatever wasn’t right on the track, the curbs are huge here. It’s a bumpy track.”

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