Valtteri Bottas has highlighted the issues that bother Mercedes the most at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Finnish driver was not happy with the balance of his car during PRactice 2. He said he couldn’t get his tires to temperature to be within the desired performance window.

“Today, for the first lap, I couldn’t get them [the tires] to work yet. We need to work hard tomorrow and try to figure it out. I feel like some cars might have a bit of an advantage to us on that,” he said.

“I feel like from my side I’m lacking quite a bit of front end on this track. We’ve been facing issues a little bit on some tracks in the mid-corner, but it’s mainly small-speed corners. If you have the feel of the front, if it’s going to turn in or not, you’re going to lose easily quite a bit of time.”

Bottas also highlighted on the balance of the car, saying the performance on low speed corners “feels quite stiff,” something he says they will have to look at.

“Also it feels like our car feels quite stiff,” he said, “like all the bumps and cambers in the corners is quite upsetting. Something to have a look at.”

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