McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo says he does not know why he has no pace, because he has been confident in the car.

Ricciardo finished both practice sessions in 15th place, well off the pace to get to Q3. He said after practice he did not know why he was so far off the pace, as he was confident in the car.

“I feel like I had confidence, it was just not translating into lap time,” said Ricciardo. “And honestly, from behind the wheel, that’s quite frustrating because I’d cross the line and be like, ‘Yeah, that was probably a decent lap’ and they were like, you’re P12 or P15 or even at one stage P17.”

“So it’s frustrating because it’s a long way off and there’s a lot of time to find. It’s probably more on entries and more on the car and the balance, won’t lie, it is very sensitive, and that’s probably been the frustrating thing; it feels like it does require a certain style to drive it, and if you don’t do that and get it right, it just, like today, isn’t fast.”

“So it’s a little bit… just still trying to get my head around it.”

Ricciardo has a decent record at Monaco, and will hope he can sort out his troubles to continue it.

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