The fight against Mercedes is not easy for Red Bull, and that is why the team is still pushing to develop the car in every area. For Monaco, it brought a new diffuser.

The new diffuser was used for the first time in Monaco during the Thursday free practice.

Only Max Verstappen tried it, and it was during FP1. The new diffuser featured a revised outer section with a serrated edge that has been applied to the two innermost Gurney-like extensions that run around the periphery of the diffuser.

At the same time, Sergio Perez used the old spec to gather more data and to have a better comparison between the two parts.

The fact that Red Bull used the flow-vis all over the rear wing and the diffuser made clear that the team was trying something new. The flow-vis was used to make sure that the air-flows were behaving as planned.

The new serrated part seems to create smaller vortical flow structures that might create problems at high speeds.

A serrated edge like the one brought by Red Bull is not a new concept in Formula 1. Mercedes used them on the W10 on the rear wing, for example. Another example is the front wing of the Mercedes W06. Moreover, Ferrari used it on its F2004’s front wing. Finally, Williams as well implemented this concept on the rear wing of its FW26.

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