Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has announced his team will miss a Pirelli 2022 tire test due to the budget cap.

The financial concerns come from Bottas’s crash at Imola, which cost Mercedes a fair share of their yearly budget limit due to the car being totaled.

Wolff stated on a press conference at the Monaco Grand Prix on Thursday that his team would not make it to a Pirelli test of the 2022 tires due to financial limitations from the budget cap.

“We are trying to make the budget cap, which is not trivial and we couldn’t take the costs related to the tire test and we wouldn’t have been able to send our mechanics on such a long journey,” Wolff said.

Binotto also commented on the matter, saying his team luckily “didn’t have a crash in Imola,” which helps them remain comitted to testing the new Pirelli tires.

“As Ferrari, we always said that 2022 is somehow our priority over 2021 and testing Pirelli tires, helping Pirelli develop the new tires we believe is important for us. Luckily enough we didn’t have a crash in Imola so eventually, we have some more contingency to Mercedes today, so somehow we are happy to accept and support,” he stated.

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