Sebastian Vettel explained his little problem concerning an eye that made him struggle during Monaco FP2, saying he thought it [the eye] was bleeding.

Vettel opened the radio and told to his engineer that his eye was hurting a bit and that he could not see well.

“It feels like my eye is bleeding,” Vettel told his engineer before being instructed to pit, only for him to opt to continue.

“It’s alright, I’ll carry on,” Vettel said. “Either I’m super emotional or there is something stuck in my eye!”

“I never had my eye bleeding, but it felt like a little bit,” Vettel said.

“I don’t know what was going on. In the first run, something got into my eye, and it got worse on the second run.

“So the team was quite nice, and they made me this [eye patch]. So I think I’ll keep that, and it’ll keep me safe for the rest of the weekend.”

Vettel also joked about it, saying that he does not recommend driving around Monaco with only one eye.

The German driver finished the session in P10, and he felt happy about his pace and the car.

“I was quite happy this morning, we got into a rhythm quickly,” Vettel said.

“In the afternoon, I lost a bit of view. But overall, it’s OK. It will be tight, it’s always tight here, and it’s tight in the midfield.

“Ideally we can keep that up, and get everything together. It’s all about Saturday afternoon.

“We tried some bits. Like Monaco [as] usual, you always have a bit of stop and go, not always getting the laps for everyone. It will matter on Saturday afternoon to get everything in that one lap.”

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