Ferrari shined in Monaco on Thursday, topping the standings with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and the latter believes that the Italian team could be a real threat both for Mercedes and Red Bull.

The Spaniard finished second in FP1 and FP2, showing that the Scuderia is incredibly fast around Monaco.

Ferrari’s pace worried both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. They believe that the Italian team can threaten them on Saturday and Sunday.

Sainz was happy to see Ferrari’s pace on Thursday but admitted that he wants to wait until Saturday before giving a final verdict on where Ferrari could finish this weekend.

“We look very close to being a genuine threat,” Sainz said.

“I think we need to wait until FP3 because things change a lot from Thursday to Saturday here.

“There are some drivers that stand back a bit on Thursday, just because they want to take it easy, and then suddenly on Saturday, like Lewis always does, he’s super quick.

“We will see. It’s nice to see at least that we are closer to the front, that we’re playing around there at the front.

“It’s encouraging for the team, and there are some positive signs that the car in the corners is not that bad.”

Sainz also admitted that he had to change his driving style around Monaco since the SF21 is pretty different from McLaren’s behavior in 2019.

“I was used to a different car around here, last time I was in Monaco, with a very different balance,” Sainz explained.

“Now I arrive here, and the balance that Ferrari try to chase here is quite different, and I had to re-adapt, get my references back, change a bit the driving style, and build the confidence up little by little.

“But what it was important is every time I went across the start/finish, I could see myself always in the top three positions, fighting there.”

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