The Formula 2 Feature Race polesitter Theo Pourchaire says that he has pushed himself and his car to the limit on Thursday afternoon.

ART Grand Prix’s driver Pourchaire made an impression on everyone on Thursday during the Formula 2 qualifying session. The Frenchman not just won the pole position, but did it in a very impressive way – 0.4 seconds clear of the closest opponent Robert Shwartzman. After the dominant performance, Pourchaire spoke about his feelings inside his race car.

“For sure I just disconnected my brain during three laps today,” Pourchaire said. “I wasn’t super confident during free practice this morning, so I wanted to start as much as possible on the front of the grid. So yeah, I pushed the limit of the car and it worked.”

He was also thankful to his team for providing the machinery that could fight for race wins.

“I’m super happy, I just want to thank the team for sure, the car was amazing. They also did a great job, and I also want to thank my family, all the people, because it’s my home race, they are there, I know they are watching me in real life this time. I also want to thank Sauber, I’m super happy to be on pole for the first time in F2,” he commented.

Getting the pole position in Monaco, a home race, was even more special for Pourchaire.

“Monaco is very special. And yeah, it’s my home race. I know it’s not France, but I live just like 30 minutes away from here, so it means a lot to me.”

Theo Pourchaire is still getting adapted to Formula 2 as well as he is the youngest driver in the field. The Feature Race pole made him the youngest driver ever to reach that accomplishment in the series at 17 years old.

“It means a bit, being the youngest polesitter is fine. It is not easy to be the youngest and I was almost the youngest in every category in my career.”

“Now being on pole for what is my fourth F2 weekend but my second of the year at Monaco a new track for me, it means a lot, but now I need to fight with all the guys [in the races].”

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