Laurent Rossi is impressed with Esteban Ocon’s performance in the 2021 season and will be happy to have him in the team beyond 2021/

The 2021 Formula 1 season has started in a great way for Alpine’s driver Ocon – he shows great speed at every race weekend and outperforms his teammate and the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. The Frenchman sits 9th in the Drivers’ Championship with 10 points scored. Alpine’s CEO Laurent Rossi spoke about his driver, stating that they were thinking about signing a new contract with him.

“It’s indeed something we’re considering,” Rossi said. “Esteban is doing everything to make me consider keeping him in the team. I would be remiss if I didn’t think about it, so obviously at the moment, we’re already engaged in some conversations with his agent, his management team, Mercedes at large. Esteban is a great driver, so I’m happy to have that type of problem – which is not actually [a problem].”

Ocon’s strong start of the 2021 campaign was not something that had surprised Rossi.

“I’m not surprised at all. Esteban, we knew he’s extremely talented. He’s been racing against all of the drivers, or most of the drivers, when he was younger… and he was always consistently beating them most of the time, so I knew he had a lot of talent,” he commented.

“It’s the second year, so he’s started having good references in the team. We also made some modifications to his own team and the way we build up the race weekends and the qualification, so it shows the guy’s talent. I think he’s where he should be, which is good,” Rossi added.

Laurent Rossi also reaffirmed that saving the current driver lineup would be the French team’s priority for the next season, denying any speculations that Pierre Gasly might join Alpine.

“We’re not looking at any drivers for next year, because at the moment I’m considering obviously Esteban as we mentioned earlier on. Fernando is here next year with us, so if we want to carry on with the momentum we have, we’ll do that. Pierre [Gasly] is obviously a great driver, of value, but at the moment, this is not in our cards, I would say.”

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