Both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas believe it could be a three-horse race at the front this weekend, after Ferrari posted a 1-2 in FP2 this afternoon.

It has been almost a year since Ferrari last topped a session, with Sebastian Vettel in Hungary last year being the last incidence of it, and even longer since their last 1-2 in a session. Now both are reset to 0 days, as home hero Charles Leclerc topped FP2 from teammate Carlos Sainz.

In an interview after practice, both Hamilton and Bottas have said it’ll be close at the top, with both saying Ferrari are in it to win it.

“The Ferraris are really strong, It’s surprising to see them improve so much, but that’s great, it means more competition,” Hamilton said. “Ferrari particularly have, in the past for whatever reason, been very quick at getting the temperature in. Same as Red Bull generally also are like that too.”

“Ferrari looks really quick and Red Bull as well,” Bottas added, “so it’s not only going to be about two teams.”

The closeness between the three teams will make qualifying on Saturday ever more important, with the possibility of other drivers like Lando Norris throwing a spanner in the works too.

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