Esteban Ocon supposes that qualifying performance will be of a great help for Alpine in the midfield battle at the Monaco GP.

Alpine has not been able to put a big competition in the midfield so far, sitting 5th with 15 points scored in the Constructors’ Championship after the first 4 races of the 2021 campaign. At the same time, the French outfit has improved much since the season start thanks to the successful upgrades. As we head to the streets of Monaco, Esteban Ocon is optimistic about the team’s chances in the principality, especially in qualifying.

“Until we put the car there and we do the qualifying we’ll not know exactly but I think looking at our performance in qualifying that we are in good shape in qualifying. I hope we are going to be able to perform as good,” Ocon said.

As long as there is not so much space to overtake in Monaco, the Frenchman is confident that Saturday will be vital for Alpine.

“I think we can give a fight to Ferrari and the other cars around in quali, I’m pretty confident. [It’s] the place where we have to focus in Monaco,” he commented.

“Of course [in] the race it’s hard to overtake so it’s less of a critical point. I think we are a bit slower than Ferrari, a bit slower than McLaren at the moment on pure pace in the race,” Ocon said in conclusion.

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