Sergio Perez admits that he has had to adjust his racing style in order to get up to speed at Red Bull Racing.

Getting used to the new equipment is never easy in Formula 1, especially with the latest technological advancements when the cars are significantly different from each other in all aspects. The F1 race winner Perez has found himself in this position in the RB16B car. The Mexican has changed his style to perform in the car at the highest level.

“I think in racing is where I have improved the most, because what I was doing in the previous teams didn’t work here. I had to change my approach in terms of racing. I made a big improvement in Portugal,” Perez said.

The Red Bull Racing driver also looks to win as it is his biggest goal. Furthermore, he believes that the finishing position in the Drivers’ Championship matters too.

“My aspiration is to win. It’s early in the season still, I have to be patient. I know that 10 races from now, I will know exactly where I stand and the chances I have in the championship.”

“Now this is just the beginning, and there is no reason to overanalyze things. F1 seasons are quite long. It doesn’t matter where you start or how you start, but how you finish in Abu Dhabi.”

Being a Red Bull driver is a big responsibility and you need to be in the top form to avoid any controversy with Helmut Marko. Perez is satisified with how the relationship with the team advisor goes thanks to his honesty.

“The truth is that I am delighted with Helmut. He always tells me what he thinks. If you do well, he tells you. If you do badly, he tells you – not only to you, also externally to the press,” Perez commented.

“He is very direct and I respect him a lot because having someone like that in F1 is not very common. I think we have a good relationship. We are getting to know each other more and more,” he added.

“Normally after the race, I have calls with him, and there he tells me if I did wrong or not,” he said in the end.

Sergio Perez is 6th in the Drivers’ Championship with 32 points scored ahead of the Monaco GP.

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