The remainder of the Season 7 races will be with limited fans in the stands, according to the Formula E officials.

The Monaco E-Prix has become the first Formula E race with the live audience in attendance since the Marrakesh E-Prix back in 2020. According to the series’ co-founder and CCO Alberto Longo, a limited number of fans will likely be in the grandstands until the end of the 2020/2021 campaign.

“Mexico to start with, we are going to have public, that’s for sure,” Longo told “In New York, we are going to have public as well – up to a 33% of the total capacity of the event.”

However, Longo admits that the talks about fan presence at the Berlin E-Prix double-header are still on: “Hopefully in Berlin as well. I was even speaking with the mayor, he asked me for a little bit of time in order to decide how many people could attend.”

Speaking about London E-Prix, Formula E is still waiting the government’s decision regarding the audience capacity indoors: “We are expecting to have public as well. Obviously, the rules of engagement are going to be published by the government in June. Then we will see exactly how many people can attend the event.”

At the same time, the fans will be located in the outdoors section of the race track: “We still have a lot of place outdoors and that’s where we are planning to host the public that the government would hopefully allow us to put in place.”

In the end, Longo reassures that getting fans back on the track is a big goal for them: “But we are from Mexico onwards, we’re really working on having public back into our races.”

The next Formula E race will take place on June 19th in Puebla, Mexico.

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