McLaren’s Lando Norris has revealed that he is not worried about his qualifying in Spain, as car damage caused the low result.

Norris has been the star of the midfield so far in 2021, being the only driver outside of the familiar Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas trio to get a podium. Despite this, a pattern of lackluster Q3 laps is beginning to emerge. Only in Bahrain has the Brit managed to emulate his Q2 time in the final session, with him being a full half a second off in Spain.

Norris revealed though that his blunder in Spain was due to a damaged car.

“I don’t think my qualifyings have been too bad,” Norris said.

“Q1s and Q2s have been very good, and Q3 run one has often been very good. But then Q3 run two is often where it’s gone a little bit downhill, but all for kind of different reasons. It’s not because I’ve not been able to put laps in or put it together or anything like that. In Spain I had damage on the car. In Imola it was for going off the track. Portugal was going too early and getting caught behind the Aston Martin.”

“So all of them have been a bit different. I’m not too worried about that.”

McLaren have revealed a striking throwback livery for the Monaco Grand Prix, with the team celebrating 55 years in Formula 1 by painting the car in a classic Gulf Oil livery.

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