A few weeks after stating that he is better than the likes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso went back on his words, admitting that Verstappen is the best driver in the world at the moment.

The championship battle is currently roaring between Hamilton and Verstappen. Both men are holding the first two spots of the drivers’ ranking, with a slight advantage of 14 points for Hamilton.

After two years away from Formula 1, Alonso made his return to the pinnacle of motorsports this season with Alpine. The Spaniard is full of confidence and has one single goal in mind – winning the world championship with Alpine.

With all the racing experience he gathered in other categories such as WEC or IndyCar, Alonso was full of confidence when he returned to F1 and went as far as to say that he is still better than Hamilton or Verstappen, which currently seem to be the strongest drivers amongst the F1 grid.

Nonetheless, after 4 races in 2021, the Spaniard went back on his words, admitting that he is impressed by Verstappen’s driving abilities. Alonso said that the Dutch driver is pleasant to watch, even for his opponents, as he is always giving the impression of driving to the edge and attacking no matter the situation.

“In Formula 1 it is so difficult to estimate one driver over another – one is faster on a lap, the other is better at the start, another is super consistent or very aggressive,” Alonso told f1-insider.com.

“But for me personally, Max Verstappen is the best driver at the moment.”

“As a driver, I really like to watch him. He’s always in attack mode.”

“When he’s third and he’s catching up, you know he won’t stay third for long. You know he will try at some point.”

“Of course a style like that sometimes leads to mistakes, but it’s only a good thing for the fans to watch.”

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