Red Bull is sure that the new tests that the FIA will make on ‘bendy wings’ will not hinder its title hopes for the 2021 season. 

The FIA is set to introduce a new load test on the rear wings from the French GP after Mercedes claimed that Red Bull’s rear wing was moving too much, and when that happens, it is illegal. 

The FIA thinks that some teams developed new clever ways that allow them to pass the tests that the FIA does when the car is in the pits. However, when the cars on track the wings flex down more than they should, and that allows the team to gain an advantage. 

As already said, the focus lies on Red Bull, but the latter believes that other teams as well will have to make changes due to these tests. 

Helmut Marko said that the team did not make anything illegal, “the wing has passed the load test” he admitted to 

“That is crucial. Now, there are new criteria that have different guidelines with regards to load,” he continued. 

“It’s often the case when new regulations come, and teams discover grey areas. But it’s not just Red Bull being targeted. It affects other teams as well.”

Plus, Marko said that Alpine and Alfa Romeo as well might be in trouble since they have been spotted using rear wings that flex too much. He also said that what Lewis Hamilton said is not true, the English driver claimed that Red Bull gains 0.3 seconds per lap thanks to this ‘bendy wing’. 

Helmut believes that Hamilton made a mistake when comparing lap times to a high-downforce test ran by Red Bull during free practice. 

“The reason for the smaller rear wing was that we were too slow on the straights,” Marko explained. 

“Hamilton then saw, when he was driving behind us, that we were relatively fast on the straights and put it down to the wing. That’s where two things came together.”

Finally, Marko admitted that even though Red Bull might have to change something due to these new tests, it will not be a problem for them and the team will be able to keep fighting against Mercedes for the title win. 

“It is certainly not a disadvantage that is decisive for the world championship.” 

He also added that this type of test has already been done in F1. 

“It is quite normal,” he said. “We had to readjust the front wings two, three times a season during our successful world championship period.”

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