Formula One’s Ross Brawn has said the new Sprint Races may be preferred by the young public of the sport that may not want to watch a 2-hour long race on a Sunday afternoon.

Formula 1 will hold three sprint qualifying races on this year’s calendar. Brawn admitted the sport had been “trying to get a sprint race format into Formula 1 for many years” because they partly believe it might be more appealing to the younger audiences.

“It’s a format we want to test,” he said. “Things change and young people don’t necessarily want to watch two hours of racing on a Sunday afternoon. We may find the short format racing’s more appealing to them.”

While Brawn makes it clear that they want to appeal more to younger audiences, he states they don’t want to “disorientate” the loyal fans of the sport, hence why they’re trying a combination during the weekend.

“But we don’t want to disorientate our loyal fans who are really the core of our sport,” Brawn said. “And so can we find a combination? That’s what we’re testing. So there are three [sprint] races this year. We’ll take stock and then we’ll decide what the next step is for the future.”

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