As the Formula 1 silly season seems to have started this week, Toto Wolff admitted already considering a lot of drivers for the potentially available Mercedes seats. The Austrian, therefore, denied the fact that Verstappen would be his main option.

Earlier this week, Lewis Hamilton announced that he wanted to conclude a deal with Mercedes before the end of the summer. This suggests that one Mercedes seat still could be on the negotiation table: Valtteri Bottas’ one.

However, Wolff remains loyal to his Finnish protege and says that he will give him all the time he needs to prove himself and that nothing is done yet. The Austrian emphasizes that he remains 100% loyal to his drivers and will do everything for them as long as they deliver good results.

“Valtteri stays our driver, and I will be always loyal to both of our drivers, and not dwell about the future,” Wolff said.

“But we all have the obligation to, how can I say it, map out the plans. And in that respect, we have to consider all options for both of the cars.”

On the other hand, Wolff is also fully conscious that he will need fresh air at Mercedes soon or later if he wants to continue his quest for world championships. Hamilton is 36-year-old while Bottas is 31 and at some point, Wolff will have to bring modifications to his line-up.

For this reason, the team principal stays open-minded about new possibilities. The Austrian does not want to obstruct his field of vision by just considering the possibility of signing Red Bull’s driver, Verstappen, and is also considering a bunch of young drivers that have a lot of potential but cannot express themselves as they would like to due to the lack of performances of their respective single-seaters.

“You always look at the group of people that could be in a Mercedes in the future,” Wolff told

“Max is certainly a fantastic star of the future, but he’s not the only one. And I see a group coming up of really good young drivers that are not yet in the machines they need in order to win. And in that respect, it’s good to see the way how that pans out.”

“As we have two Mercedes juniors with Esteban [Ocon] and George [Russell], they play a certain role.”

“And we also are having an eye on the other young guys that are coming up strong. But having said that, today, there’s only two drivers I look up and that is Valtteri and Lewis.”

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