Formula One officially announced on Friday that the Turkish GP is canceled and will be replaced by the Styrian GP, making it a doubleheader in Austria like in 2020. 

The Turkish GP was set to replace the Canadian race, but new travel restrictions decided by the UK government prevent travelers from Turkey to come back to the UK unless they do a quarantine in specific hotels. Therefore, it would not be possible for the teams to attend the Turkish GP due to logistic issues. 

Since that happened, Formula 1 has decided to cancel the Grand Prix in Turkey, and Austria will hold two races this season. The Styrian GP will be held on the same date that was previously the one for the race in France at Paul Ricard. Therefore, the French GP will be held one week earlier. 

Turkey also asked if it was possible to reschedule the race later in the season, but that was not possible.

“Following discussions with the promoter in Turkey and relevant shareholders, it will not be possible to hold the race in Turkey between June 11-13. The promoter has requested that we study a possible opportunity for the race to be rescheduled later in the season if possible.

“We can confirm that there will now be two consecutive races in Austria, with the first race, the Styrian GP, ​​between June 25 and 27, and the Austrian GP will be held on its original date, between July 2-4.

“As a result of this change, the French GP will be moved forward a week and will be held between June 18 and 20. All tickets for the event are valid despite the change of date. This means that the 23 planned races will continue to be held in the 2021 season.”

Stefano Domenicali also said: “We were all looking forward to racing in Turkey but the travel restrictions in place have meant we are not able to be there in June.

“Formula 1 has shown again that it is able to react quickly to developments and find solutions and we are delighted that we will have a doubleheader in Austria meaning our season remains at 23 races.

“I want to thank the promoter and authorities in Turkey for all of their efforts in recent weeks and want to thank the promoters in France and Austria for their speed, flexibility, and enthusiasm in accommodating this solution.

“We have had very good conversations will all the other promoters since the start of the year and continue to work closely with them during this period.”

Updated calendar:

June 18-20 French GP/ June 25-27 Styrian GP/ July 2-4 Austrian GP.

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