Carlos Sainz believes that he still needs to get to his 100% percent behind the steering wheel of the SF21 car.

Carlos Sainz has already had 4 race weekends with Scuderia Ferrari with the best results of 5th at the Emilia Romagna GP. However, the Spaniard is still in the learning process as he gets more and more used to the new machinery. After the Spanish GP, Sainz reflected on his performance, stating that he could have had a better race start.

“I was just going through a big data analysis with my engineers 10 minutes ago [after the race],trying to understand what I could have done better. What is clear is that I still need to get a bit better, and a bit more confidence with the start system and the way we operate to get that perfect launch and that perfect first 100 metres,” Sainz said.

At the same time, he admitted that it had not been the getaway itself that affected the start.

“I don’t think [the start] was the main limitation today; the main limitation was a bit the positioning after that, getting in and out of the slipstream and being boxed in behind [Esteban] Ocon into Turn 1 and losing quite a lot of positions to the cars around the outside.”

The no.55 driver believed that it would need to do it all perfectly to get better results.

“It’s a combination of factors to get that perfect result like Charles did today [on Sunday]. You need to, first of all, put the weekend completely together, and it comes down to a good qualifying, to make the lap in Q3 – if I would have nailed it [that weekend], I would have started further ahead and it wouldn’t have been an issue. And then nailing the start,” Sainz commented.

“This is what I was particularly good at at McLaren, putting the whole weekend together, and this is what I need to keep on improving as the races go on with this team, to try and be performing at the highest possible level,” he added.

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