Mick Schumacher admitted that reaching Q2 in 2021 is a “totally realistic goal” even though the car is not as competitive as the others on the field. 

Schumacher’s first season in Formula 1 is not going to be easy since the team Haas already said that it will not develop its car this year. Therefore, Mick only managed to finish P16 as his best result. 

In qualifying, the German driver managed to put his car only in P18, but he believes that he can enter the Q2 in the future races. 

“It is a realistic goal,” Schumacher said in Barcelona. “I’d be unhappy if that wasn’t the case this year. We’re still pushing hard for it.

“There will be tracks that maybe come more our way. I think considering this track maybe not one of our strongest, I think we still managed to produce a very good lap time.

“We were quite close to Kimi [Raikkonen], looking in hindsight. So yeah, I think we can be very happy and hopeful for a Q2 in the next one of 18 races, so hopefully, we’ll manage.”

The direct rivals for Haas are Williams and Alfa Romeo, which are yet to score a point this season. In Imola, Antonio Giovinazzi was not far ahead from Mick, only one-tenth and a half. 

In Barcelona, Mick also admitted that his lap in Q1 was not perfect, and he could have improved it by two tenths. Since many drivers set very similar times, Schumacher believes that if he can put in a good lap during qualifying he can gain some positions. 

“I think that probably on this lap I did [I lost] probably around two tenths, so that would be equal with what Kimi did,” he explained.

“Therefore, we can be quite happy. It’s just about bringing those lap times together and the spread of the sectors smaller.

“I think that in general, we are quite on a good way, and then definitely we can be happy about [Saturday’s] performance.”

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