Baku City Circuit could host Formula 1’s Sprint Qualifying events in the future, Arif Rahimov confirms.

Sprint Qualifying is one of the most innovative additions to the Formula 1 race weekend format. Though it is still in testing mode, it will take place at three race tracks this year. The venue, where this format seems to be very exciting, is Baku City Circuit. The track’s executive director Arif Rahimov admits that they are ready to have the event in Baku, despite some controversy and criticism.

“I know it’s been opposed by a few of the drivers, and they think it’s quite risky,” Rahimov told “To be honest, I think any change would be kind of welcomed, and any experiments would be good.”

“I’m kind of on the opposite side, thinking that experimenting with the race weekend format is a good thing in general, just to mix things around and make it more interesting for the spectators, make it a bit more unexpected,” he added. “I’d really welcome something like this, if I was offered, if we had a choice to do it one way or another.

“I think any changes would be great for generally F1. There were so many different speculations about having the reverse grid like they do in F2, and now there is the sprint qualifying. I’m welcoming any of these changes,” Rahimov said in the conclusion.

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