Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, believes that it will not be easy for Red Bull to produce a competitive Formula 1 engine, and 15 staff and an empty factory will not be enough. 

Red Bull decided to have its powertrain division that will build the engines for the upcoming years since Honda is going to leave F1 at the end of the year. 

The Milton Keynes team began this project by hiring new staff members that will work in the engine department. Red Bull signed members that were previously part of Mercedes. 

It is not the best thing for the Silver Arrows to lose those men, but Wolff believes that it will not be an easy task for Red Bull to build its power unit. Therefore, he thinks that the rival team does not have to underestimate this decision.

The Mercedes Team Principal also said that building a competitive engine requires time, and Mercedes itself, Ferrari, and Renault know it. 

During an interview with the Italian edition of, Wolff said: “We have about 900 people working in Brixworth,” said Wolff. “They approached 100, and they got between 10 and 15, mainly manufacturing staff, no performance. And in that respect, if I were to build a new factory, I would also start [like that].

“But between hiring two handfuls of people and having a full up and running competitive engine factory, there’s quite a long way to go.

“I think Red Bull can do that, with the resource that is being put in, but Mercedes and the others have been in the sport for many decades, building the structure.

“So 15 guys and an empty building site construction is not going to be sufficient to be competitive in three years with a new power unit.

“Having said that, we’re taking them very seriously because they are a great team and have the finances to do so. But if we know one thing in Formula 1, it is that it needs time. No money can accelerate the learning curve.”

Wolff concluded by saying that Red Bull wanted to recruit many members from Mercedes, but many of them remained with the Silver Arrows despite being offered more money by the Milton Keynes team. 

“Internally, it’s quite good to see the loyal ones that have been approached, such an overwhelmingly larger number than the ones that were lured away,” he said. “Seeing that loyalty and integrity in a way has confirmed the values of this group.

“There were some good people that were approached. Lottery number of paycheques. And they haven’t even thought about it twice. They stayed because they like the environment and they like what we stand for.

“It’s a good environment, and we have proven that it is a good environment to work and to prosper. And that is just something that makes me very proud for the organization in Brixworth.”

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