“We should be achieving top 10s every week”, says Fugle

William Byron and the no.24 crew at the Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

The no.24 car crew chief Rudy Fugle believes that the team of their caliber should be in the top 10 battle at every occasion.

William Byron and the no.24 Hendrick Motorsports crew are now on the hot streak of 10 consecutive top 10 finishes in a row. That consistency helps them be 3rd in the drivers’ standings with 428 points scored in 12 races. The crew chief Rudy Fugle shared his thoughts on the current form.

“We know it’s there. We think at Hendrick Motorsports we should be achieving top 10s every week,” Fugle told ASN Motorsports. “So, it’s definitely what we’re shooting for no matter what.”

“There are different races, where we are strong for the top 5 or where we should definitely compete for the win. But every single week no matter where we go we think we should finish in the top 10,” he added.

Fugle also admitted that the fact of being in such a big organization as Hendrick Motorsports put some pressure, but not keeping up the streak itself.

“So, there’s not really much extra pressure, that’s the pressure of working at Hendrick Motorsports. That part makes it a little bit easier, but everybody is just digging hard and trying to do their job and execute,” he commented.

In the end, Rudy Fugle said that as soon as the next race weekend went ahead, the team would totally focus on it.

“We talk about it afterwards that we’re proud of how it’s going on. And then Monday comes around, it’s time to start over again.”

William Byron will start the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover this Sunday from the 3rd starting position.

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