After a very frustrating 2021 season, Ferrari wants to bounce back and start fighting again for championships as soon as possible. The introduction of a revolutionary rule book for the 2022 season seems to be the perfect opportunity for the Italian team.

After being accused by a bunch of their opponents of having an illegal engine in 2019, Ferrari encountered major straight-line speed issues in 2020. 

Moreover, when they were still fighting for wins in 2019, the Scuderia was already known for not having an exceptional aerodynamical concept for their single-seaters. 

These two major problems transformed the 2020 season into a historical low for Ferrari as they only finished in P6 in the Constructors’ Championship. 

This was a true shame for the legendary Maranello-based team and they found themselves back against the wall, having to rebuild everything if they wanted to come back at high competitiveness levels. 

Luckily, 2022 has already been announced as the starting point of the new era of Formula 1 with completely redesigned single-seaters and brand new aerodynamical concepts to be developed. This is a unique chance for Mattia Binotto and his crew.

Since then, Ferrari has already announced being almost fully focused on 2022 to come back at the top of the ranking. However, in 2021 already, Scuderia is showing impressive pace, with a new single-seater that almost seems to be able to fight for podium finishes. They have reduced the gap to the 2020 midfield leader McLaren and are now in a fight against them for P3 in 2021.

Nonetheless, the Scuderia Ferrari sporting director, Laurent Mekies makes the team’s ambitions clear as they are ready to let this year’s fight against their Woking-based opponent down in order to focus on their 2022 concept.

“This is very clear to us, we are focused on 2022,” Mekies said.

“We have switched the large majority of our resources to it already. It doesn’t mean that some details will not change on the car from now onwards, as we all do with what we learn at the racetrack.”

“We are pretty much already in full switch, it’s already the case for us.”

“If you want to put a number to it, if you call it 90% [of our resources, or] 95%, whatever you want to call it, but it’s pretty much where we are.”

“The fact that the field is tight, that you may need a few hundredths or a few tenths to switch from sixth to third will not change our strategy, the focus is on next year.”

“For us, it is a clear decision.”

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